Crawl Space Repair

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To establish a dry, clean, mold-free crawl space, it may be necessary to encapsulate it. If you have an issue with your crawl space you will detect high humidity, a musty odor, cold flooring, expensive heating and cooling expenses, buckling hardwood floors, or rotting around the floor registers. If you have noticed any of these things, then it is a sign of a problem with your crawl space. Cherry Hill Basement Waterproofing is often called upon to assist with crawl space repairs. Moisture in your crawl space will create the aforementioned problems. We can help you eliminate moisture from your crawl space.
Getting Rid of Moisture

One of the most effective ways to get rid of moisture and water from your crawl space is to seal the space. We will install the most suitable dehumidifier to dry out the area and prevent mold from developing. The dehumidifier will help in controlling humidity and will eliminate moisture from the air, which helps prevent damages to the interior of your home and will keep mold from developing. With the proper drainage system and the most appropriate type of sump pump, we can prevent water from getting into your crawl space.

Do You Require Crawl Space Repairs

You may require crawl space repairs if any of the following apply to you:

Upper respiratory (asthma & allergies) problems

Mold spores and dust mites become airborne and often come from damp crawl spaces and damp basements.

  • Crawl space has open vents

Building codes still permit vented, dirt-floored crawl spaces. Unfortunately, this creates a problem with moisture and mold.

  • Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation absorbs moisture, and promotes wood rot, moves, attracts mold and loses R-value. This is not the right type of insulation for a crawl space, yet it is used more than most people know.

Working With Professionals

There is no doubt about it; Cherry Hill Basement Waterproofing Services is made up of a team of skilled waterproofing contractors. Our experienced contractors are professionally vetted and they prove effective at helping to repair crawl space. Regardless of the degree of your service requirements, you can be sure that working with a professional service provider will help you remedy any issues that you might be experiencing with your crawl space. Don’t take any chances; call us now to make the necessary repairs and avoid costly crawl space repairs later. Our professional team of contractors always make a thorough evaluation of the situation before providing you with an estimate for the work that has to be completed.

Affordable Crawl Space Repair
Perhaps you have heard that crawl space repairs are costly. However, not everyone’s crawl space issues are the same, and the way that we address the issue will vary depending on the specific basement. Don’t compare the expense of repairing your crawl space with that of someone else’s. We can offer you the help that you need at the most affordable prices possible. We are confident in our ability to do so because we base our solutions on how much you can afford. Contact us to schedule an assessment of your crawl space today.